Therapy indication

As a licensed cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, I can treat all psychological disorders according to the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization (ICD-10) or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). However, over the years I have specialized in all types of anxiety disorders, in depressive disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline, Dependent, and Paranoid Personality Disorders, and first of all in the integration of traumatic/ overwhelming experiences from the past no matter what the resulting diagnosis is. My unique feature is my ability to see people very deeply, differentiate between their unique potential and coping mechanisms/ socialized patterns, and incorporate a very wide range of methods as well as levels of influence within a person (e.g., physical, behavioral, mental, emotional, subtle, energetic) as well as in the environment (e.g., personal experiences, family patterns, collective themes, systemic rules). I include spirituality into the therapy sessions by who I am but openly only as much as requested by the client. I have developed an ability to represent another person within my own body and perceptions and to transform stuck processes and from consciousness excluded material. In Germany, I have a long waiting list for patients. You need to try it out for yourself!

Therapy procedure

If you are interested in therapy or counseling with me, you can sign up for a first appointment using my online calendar or sending me an email at During our first session, we will get to know each other and find out if the chemistry seems right for deep, transforming, intense transformational work or lighter counseling. Therapy research has indicated time and again that the client-therapist-relationship has the greatest influence on the treatment outcome. I will gain a first impression of your symptoms, your request for therapy, and your goals. I will also provide you with a preliminary diagnosis and my point of view for a professional treatment plan. This first encounter is a test session thus you only pay a reduced price of 100 CHF. If both sides agree upon continuation, we will set up and sign a contract that regulates our contact and the price for each 50 to 60 minute session. I have a regular price per session of 145 CHF. If you have additional insurance you may be able to get part of our costs refunded as I am a licensed psychotherapist, accredited by the Swiss Confederation, and a member of the social-professional organization FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists). Please check in with your insurance for more details.


My general approach to treatment is based upon my understanding of health and illness. To me, healing is the communication between the proper order of systems that could also be called universal order, and the deviations brought (back) into the conscious perception of the client. The physician represents a section of the universal order in his area of specialization (e.g., the cardiologist registers the heart rate, the physiotherapist looks at the spine and other functions of the movement system, the psychologist listens to beliefs, emotional and behavioral responses). With  the help of the physician or healer, the client realizes aberrations and is assisted to find a more functional way of living, using a wide range of methods (medication, physical manipulation, exercises, questioning beliefs, training new competencies etc.). In my therapy sessions, I enable your physical-emotional-mental-energetic system on a variety of dimensions to recognize its universal order and to detect reaction patterns that are dysfunctional to your intentions, needs, and wishes in life. By starting a communication between dysfunctional reaction patterns and more functional possibilities, your inner system gets more aligned, you will feel more happiness, inner space, freedom, and satisfaction. As human beings we are a bit like plants that will always grow toward the light: our power to heal ourselves and to return to a higher coherence will get activated if the space and conditions for it are provided.

Therapeutic methods used most commonly

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Trauma therapy and trauma integration (regulating an over-activation of the autonomous nervous system using for instance Progressive Muscle Relexation PMR, Applied Relaxation, Emotional rescripting, Tapping, Somatic experiencing, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Ego-State-Therapy)
  • Mindfulness and presencing (as an underlying attitude as well as specific competency that we will train in each therapy session)
  • Focusing
  • Systemic approach (including the order of systems like in family constellation work)