Andrea Hähnel, Ph.D.

Licensed cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist


Outpatient treatment of all psychological disorders in 

Dresden, Germany and Aarau, Switzerland


Specialized in anxiety disorders, depression, trauma work, some forms of personality disorders, and personality transformation


Emphasizing emotions, self-contact, trauma integration, and

a systemic and integral view

My philosophy

I look at the world and at people from a spiritual background. I honor and respect every human being in his or her uniqueness, complexity, and wholeness. To me, the physical body, the emotions, cognitions, and the soul are just inseparable levels of the personality that belong together and influence each other. I understand my role as a therapist to be a tutor and witness of an inner process of the client that evolves itself. As a healer I help each client  to develop states of higher coherence of his or her personality structure and to gain more consciousness about him-/ herself, about his or her nature and the patterns of self protection that we all carry with us. It is my belief and my experience that change happens from the inside to the outer world.

My professional background

 I studied psychology in Germany, Saxony, at Dresden University of Technology where I received a diploma in Psychology in 1997. I continued with my Ph.D. research in Clinical Psychology that investigated interpretation processes in anxiety and depression. From 1999 to 2002 I  spent my time at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, where I continued my Ph.D. research, at the Centre for Anxiety and Related Disorders of Boston University to train as a Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist, and at McLean Hospital at the Dissociative Disorder Unit and the Clinical Evaluation Unit in Belmont, MA, USA. Upon my return to Germany I enrolled in the postgraduate studies of Psychological Psychotherapy at the outpatient clinic.of the Department of Psychology at Dresden University of Technology. I was licensed to conduct psychotherapy on November 8th, 2006, and started outpatient treatment in August 2007. In April 2008 I received my doctorate degree at Radboud Universiteit, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Clinical Psychology, in Nijmegen, Netherlands. In order to keep my license, I have to participate in extended education for psychotherapists such as seminars, workshops or conferences, with at least 50 hours each year. From November 2011 to Mai 2015 I also enrolled in the Timeless Wisdom Training of the contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl, a mystical training that combines meditation, communication, personal and collective growth, and develops subtle competencies. This training in specific and Thomas Hübl in general have greatly influenced my way and capacity to treat. I have continued this path ever since as a member of the core group meeting with Thomas Hübl and senior students three times a year. In 2013, I co-founded Moksha, Center for Body- and Self-Awareness in Dresden, Germany, where contemporary therapies, seminars, and courses are offered.

I treat patients at Moksha in Dresden/Germany, at Hassler-House in Aarau/AG/Switzerland, and online via video conference in German and English language.


I am a member of the following social-professional organizations: OPK (East German Chamber of Psychotherapists), DPtV (German Association of Psychotherapists), FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists), and VAP (Association of Psychologists in Aargau).